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NVC 2022 Winning Team Joins Higher Ground Labs Cohort 6

July 25, 2023

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Social Currant, the venture of co-founders Vidyut Ghuwalewala, Ellie Artone, and Ashwath Narayanan, a 2023 alumnus of GW University, has made strides in the world of social impact. As a winner of the New Venture Competition in 2022, this innovative platform has now been accepted into the highly sought-after Higher Ground Labs Cohort 6. 

Social Currant, established in September 2021, serves as a powerful conduit, connecting nonprofits, impact organizations, and purpose-driven entities with creators on popular social media platforms like TikTok (TT), Instagram (IG), and YouTube (YT). The primary goal is to facilitate more effective audience outreach, helping these social change agents amplify their messages and make a more significant impact on various social issues. 

Higher Ground Labs, renowned for its venture capital fund and accelerator program, has extended a golden opportunity to Social Currant. By joining Cohort 6, the team gains access to vital resources, including capital investment, mentorship, and a vast network of connections within the realms of advocacy and politics. The collaboration with Higher Ground Labs holds the potential to continue the growth of Social Currant and further empower the platform in its mission to promote social good.

As Narayanan explains, their current focus lies in elevating the platform to new heights and putting it to the test through partnerships with clients and nonprofits. This testing phase will provide insights to fine-tune the platform, ensuring it is efficient and impactful for all stakeholders involved. The long-term vision of Social Currant extends beyond the initial stages, aiming to attract more significant investments into creators, the backbone of social media movements, who can harness their influence to drive positive change in the world.

"OIE has been an incredible resource with helpful programming, a great mentor network as well as office space that allowed us to build"

Ashwath Narayanan

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Ashwath Narayanan

Chief Executive Officer

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Vidyut Ghuwalewala

Chief Operating Officer

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Ellie Artone

Chief Creator Officer