Meet the NVC Winners!

2024 New Venture Competition

April 17, 2024

2024 NVC photo

Last Thursday, April 11th OIE hosted our 16th annual GW New Venture Competition Award Ceremony. 

Student finalists from across the GW community won over $330,000 in prizes including $157,000 in cash at the ceremony. Representing 9 out of 10 GW schools, participants pitched their innovative ideas in front of judges during the third round on Wednesday, April 10th then on-stage the following day at Jack Morton Auditorium. The competition started with over 500 participants and 192 teams, ending with 12 finalist teams in the vertical four tracks and three winners in the Explorer track. 

We are so incredibly proud of their accomplishments and cannot wait to see their ventures continue to grow! Thank you so much to our judges, sponsors and donors who supported our GW entrepreneurs. Find the full list of 2024 NVC winners and specialty category prizes below:


Consumer Goods and Services

1st Place: EveryActive, Adjust-A-Bra
EveryActive brand is a B2B2C company redesigning current sportswear to minimize its adverse impact through unique products. Our first product is Adjust-A-Bra, a redesign of the modern-day sports bra that aims to minimize the financial and societal cost of women’s size fluctuations through three aspects of adjustability.

2nd Place: Gyroline 
Gyroline is a novel ski safety device that detects a fall and releases the ski bindings from the boot in real-time to prevent torsional strain on the knee and severe trauma. Additionally, Gyroline will automatically alert ski patrol and emergency contacts in cases of severe falls for a rapid response.

3rd Place: Thonk Lab 
Thonk Lab is a company bridging high-end computer-based accessories and sustainable materials. When keycaps and keyboards are discarded, like most e-waste, the ABS and PBT plastic doesn’t break down. Thonk Lab’s products revolve around algae-based bioplastic, leading the way in sustainability practices for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.


Business Goods and Services

1st Place: In-Locator
In-Locator is empowering retailers by providing customer data and enhancing customer satisfaction through indoor navigation, augmented reality mapping, tailored shopping lists, and personalized rebates, making the in-store journey fast and individualized. Our solution integrates with retailers’ database infrastructures, offering dynamic in-store guidance and upsell opportunities.

2nd Place: SiyehTech
SiyehTech is dedicated to becoming a top-tier worldwide supplier of landmine detection equipment by utilizing the latest advancements in autonomous vehicle technology, robotics, and software. We aim to provide safer, more efficient, quicker, and more cost-effective solutions than our competitors.

3rd Place: Immersiview 
Immersiview is a B2B company that helps event organizers offer their users the opportunity to experience live events from their own space through a VR headset. It tackles ticket scalping. Also, it opens doors for those unable to attend events, be it due to sold-out venues, disabilities, travel, or work.


Social Innovation

1st Place: Engineering Horizons
The George Washington University’s Engineers’ Philanthropic Society presents Engineering Horizons: an initiative that will allow GW engineering students to volunteer within the local community and foster a safe, exploratory space for underserved 8th grade students to widen their perspectives on the endless possibilities within STEM by providing high-impact science tutoring.

2nd Place: Goalplus
Goalplus transforms the recreational sports landscape by hosting inclusive events that foster community engagement and entertainment. Addressing the need for organized recreational activities, we connect youth, families, and corporations, offering a dynamic platform that catalyzes social change through the power of technology and real life experiences.

3rd Place: Fluffy Honey Farm, LLC 
Fluffy Honey Farm pioneers clinical therapy using accessible alpacas in rural communities. Our mission is to provide formal therapeutic services and alpaca experiences. Therapy focuses on friendly temperament alpacas to offer reassurance and ease anxiety in therapeutic sessions, providing hope for rural mental health services.


Healthcare & Life Sciences

1st Place: Brave Scientific
Brave Scientific, a Virginia-based Health and Life Sciences company, introduces JivaJet, utilizing cutting-edge Plasma Medicine technology. Addressing the challenges of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections in veterinary healthcare, JivaJet offers a non-invasive, cost-effective, and safe treatment with accelerated recovery from topical bacterial infections in pets.

2nd Place: A.Eye
A.Eye is a medical platform for Ophthalmologists that provides advanced diagnostic assistance and streamlines image interpretation workflows by leveraging predictive and generative AI algorithms.

3rd Place: Oncovana
Oncovana fills a critical gap in access to quality cancer-related fertility services for newly diagnosed cancer patients hoping to one day have a family. Oncovana's evidence-based digital platform ensures that all patients receive education, care, psycho-social support, financial assistance, and connection to timely fertility services regardless of location.



1st Place: NurseMath, LLC 
The Nurse Math App addresses the absence of financial education in nursing programs, providing a comprehensive solution for ongoing professional growth and career success. The app offers step-by-step calculations for common healthcare and business formulas and eliminates time recalling ratios or searching the internet to make strategic and operational decisions.

2nd Place: GuideGuard 
GuideGuard is reinventing the guidewire with its revolutionary design. Its sleek, intuitive, familiar shape provides clinicians with comfort, while its innovative P-shaped tail end prevents retention accidents. Working with central-line kit manufacturers, we aim to break into the market and become a well-known commodity in the QI space.

3rd Place: Shpapi Vision, LLC
Shpapi Vision LLC, founded by two Mexican brothers, is an eco-friendly and affordable eyewear brand in the B2C market. It offers stylish sunglasses suitable for various lighting, blending style, and sustainability. Emphasizing support for local businesses, SHPAPI caters to fashion-conscious consumers with unique designs for day and night wear.


Specialty & Category Prizes

Best Market Assessment ($5K): EveryActive, Adjust-A-Bra
Best Financial Understanding ($5K): In-Locator 
Best Prototype ($5K): Brave Scientific 
Best Customer Discovery ($5K): Oncovana 
Best Storytelling ($5K): Oncovana

Next Era Innovation in Sustainability ($10K): Thonk Lab
Q Advisors Global Impact Prize ($7.5K): Goalplus
Cirrus Labs Best Tech Award ($10K): A.Eye
Viewers' Choice Award ($7.5K): Immersiview
Spirit of NVC ($4K): Brave Scientific