GW I-Corps Overview


January 27, 2023



GW has served in the National Science Foundation (NSF) Innovation Corps (I-Corps) since 2013. The I-Corps curricula promotes early-stage startup techniques that identify customers, validate value propositions, and build successful business models for commercialization.

In January 2022, GW became a partner institution in the new $15 million I-Corps Hub, advancing innovation in the Mid-Atlantic region and expanding the societal impact of fundamental research. To date GW has worked with over 1,500 teams, who've gone on to start over 350 businesses, generating $1.04 billion in follow-on funding.

GW's Mentors-In-Residence

OIE has pioneered holistic, milestone-based mentoring programs which provide long-term support to innovators throughout the commercialization process. Our Mentors guide individuals through the customer discovery journey – meeting participants before they have a finalized idea, and continuing with them throughout commercialization. GW's mentors are all seasoned entrepreneurs who provide consistent oversight and direction.


GW's I-Corps Short Courses

GW's Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship hosts Regional I-Corps Short Courses all throughout the year. Students, faculty, and researchers interested in evidence-based entrepreneurship and customer discovery methodology should consider a NSF I-Corps Short Course as the first step toward validating a business idea and pursuing additional funding, including SBIR grants.


GW's Team Development Program

GW's Team Development Program supports entrepreneurs as they move through various stages of new venture development. Participants are surrounded by OIE's Industry Mentors and Subject Matter Experts who help teams navigate specific sectors, and plan their entrance into certain markets. This tailored support can include guidance on topics such as intellectual property, fundraising, regulation, partnerships, etc.


GW's Intro to Lean Innovation

The Introduction to Lean Innovation (ILI) workshop is geared toward early-stage innovators or individuals with only some prior knowledge of entrepreneurship. In this virtual, 1-hour workshop, OIE provides an overview of evidence-based entrepreneurship as well as the basics of commercialization.