DC Startup Track

Welcome to the DC Start-up Track, an exciting program by the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship! In our comprehensive program, we'll introduce you to the power of Lean Innovation, a game-changing methodology designed to optimize your business processes, reduce waste, and accelerate growth. Our expert instructors will guide you through interactive workshops, helping you discover how to stay agile and competitive in today's fast-paced business landscape. 

As part of the DC Start-up Track, we offer an intensive Lean Start-up Short Course, tailored to equip you with the essential skills and tools to turn your innovative ideas into successful ventures. Learn how to validate your concepts, identify your target audience, and build minimum viable products (MVPs) that resonate with customers. 

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Introduction to Lean Innovation

This is a challenging but critical first step. GW’s Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship invites our entire community to attend a short introductory workshop, offered monthly, to learn how savvy innovators take this first step - they talk to humans! It sounds simple, but this method is central to Agile Software Development, Design Thinking, and Lean Startup concepts.

We invite anyone who hopes to solve a global problem, start a new business, or develop a new product to join us. Even if your ideas aren’t fully formed, or you haven’t yet assembled a team.


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Lean Startup Short Course

EDNDC’s intensive, three-week Lean Startup training and Milestone-Based Mentorship help entrepreneurs test the viability of their idea, identify their first customers, validate their business hypotheses, and build the right product initially based on market feedback. 

EDNDC increases the potential for success in the next phase of development, and prepares startup teams for regional accelerators. Our holistic training program brings together entrepreneurs, mentors, instructors, investors, and institutional partners.