ITF Dollars at Work

The Team

Innovation Teams are working on implementation plans for selected ideas. Each team is led by a Champion and includes GW faculty, staff and students with expertise, information and insight on the innovation idea. The responsibilities of the Champions include choosing a team, working out the project schedule, meeting with other Champions, the ITF Chair and Executive Sponsors to share ideas and report on their progress, making a final presentation to the ITF stakeholders, and facilitating the hand-off of the plan to those responsible for its implementation.

The Steering Committee provides overall direction to this phase of the Innovation Task Force process, including tracking progress, providing updates to the GW community, tracking best practices at other institutions and soliciting new ideas.

The Exploration Committee completes a preliminary analysis of the next set of ideas to pursue, focusing first on those remaining from last year. The Committee identifies and analyzes other ideas submitted by the GW community, eventually proposing a minimum of ten ideas for review by the Steering Committee for the next round of the process.

Steering Committee:

Chair: Meghan Chapple and Paul Berman

School Senior Leadership: Dan Ullman, Hank Molinegro, Lisa Stephenson, Phoebe Stevenson, Richard Donnelly, Joseph Bocchino, Mary Jean Schumann, Toni Marsh

Financial Tracking: Don Boselovic

Initiative Updates: Dave Green

Communication: Sarah Baldassaro

Scanning best practices from other organizations: Roger Whitaker

Other Key Members: Sara Melita, Renee Fitzmorris, Brian Wright, Don Reagan 



Call for Ideas

GW faculty, staff, alumni, and students, share an innovative idea that will help us reach our goal.