Program Session Details

NSF I-Corps Regional Qualifying Course Description

Customer Discovery is an iterative process of physically getting out of the building to interview potential customers and stakeholders to understand their problems and pain points in the market and in society.  These interviews, or experiments, lead to real-world learnings and insights that validate or invalidate key components of the business model, often leading to pivots and illuminating the chaos and uncertainty of commercializing innovations and creating ventures. 

Description of Train-the-Trainer Program Sessions

  1. Faculty Development Sessions. Faculty trainees engage with experienced I-Corps Instructors through presentations, discussions, and practical exercises.  Participants learn the pedagogy, teaching philosophy, and tactics of the program through a series of participatory workshops.
  2. Team Observation Sessions. Faculty trainees join assigned teams for customer discovery.  When not observing customer discovery, trainees will be reviewing team progress in LaunchPad Central and will be preparing assignments for subsequent workshops.
  3. Course Opening Workshop. Teams attend the opening workshop where they are introduced to the I-Corps approach, to the teaching team and to other each other. They learn the business model development and customer development process, and prepare to get out of the building to interview customers.
  4. Course Midpoint Review. Teams present their first business model canvas and their findings from their initial interviews, and receive feedback from instructors to inform the next iteration of customer discovery.
  5. Course Closing Workshop. Teams attend a closing workshop where they present lessons learned during the course, and discuss next steps with the teaching team.