Phase VII


Phase VII generated six new ideas in November 2013 focusing on improvements around the Virginia Science and Technology Campus.

VSTC Cyber Security Academy

The VSTC Cyber Security Academy on the Virginia Science and Technology Campus will take advantage of the high job growth opportunities in this field. The Academy will offer masters, bachelors, and certificate programs to embrace the professionalization of the cybersecurity field.

VSTC Health Sciences Programs

This initiative expands health sciences programs on the Virginia Science and Technology Campus to take advantage of high growth expectations in these disciplines. The initiative will develop new health sciences programs to be located on the Virginia Campus as well as move current health sciences programs from Foggy Bottom to the Virginia Campus.

VSTC High Performance Computing Support

This idea reallocates administrative technology budgets to high value IT support. By focusing its resources on high performance computing, GW makes itself more attractive to researchers and research grantors.

School of Media and Public Affairs – Executive Education

The School of Media and Public Affairs will begin offering executive education programs that can be delivered in both onsite, online, and on-campus formats. These programs would attract individuals who hope to pursue media and digital communications at an executive level.

Software License Fee Centralized Management

This initiative produces cost savings through the enforcement of existing software licensing procurement policies and centralized consolidation and convergence of software licensing. This initiative ensures that offices across campus are collaborating, and that GW is receiving the best possible prices for its software license pruchases.

University Events Coordination

This initiative aims to optimize university-wide spend on events by enhanced university strategic planning, event standardization tiers, and improved vendor management. This idea looks at how GW currently plants its events and identifies opportunities for making them more efficient and effective.