Phase VI

Six ideas were selected and are being implemented in Phase VI

Regulatory Training Certification

This idea creates a certification program for attorneys and senior executive professionals in a variety of compliance related topics. This certificate would be awareded through the College of Professional Studies.

End User Device Management (BYOD)

This idea serves to optimize the management of mobile phones, tablets, workstations, and thin clients. In other words, this program allows employees to use personally owned devices such as laptops, tablets, and smart phones at work while accessing the organization's secured information and applications. This would produce significant cost-savings for the university.

Elimination of Chargebacks

This initiative eliminates the practice of interdepartmental service chargebacks, producing savings by reducing the cost of executing and monitoring the process.

ITF Scholarship Competition

The ITF Scholarship Competition started during the 2013-2014 school year and aims to harness the creativity of GW students. The scholarship competition invites undergraduate and graduate degree-seeking students to submit innovative ideas that will generate new, net, recurring savings or revenues of $1 million or more for the university. The process involves three rounds of competition, culminating in a winning idea that will be implemented at GW, and the winning student will receive a $50,000 scholarship prize for continued studies at GW.

University Mail Management

This initiative aims to create savings by improving business processes around the university's mail management system. The initiative would create efficiencies by decreasing the amount of paper departmental interoffice mail, reducing the delivery frequency for non-priority mail, and launching a campaign to encourage departments to use more electronic media and workflows.

On-Site Master's Programs with partners

GW aims to expand on-site master's programs with corporate and other public and private organizational partners. Employee cohorts of partner organizations would enroll in masters programs that are offered by GW faculty and take place at partner organization sites. This would create new revenues by increasing enrollment in GW's masters programs.