Phase V

In November 2012, six ideas were selected as ITF initatives in Phase V.

GW Valor

This initiative offers online general education courses to a targeted military and Department of Defense audience. 
Champion: Barbara Porter & Dave Lawlor

Executive Education: Training for International Judges

This new program has been created under the College of Professional studies to help educate judges from other countries about the best practices of the American court system.
Champion: Cyrus Homayounpour

Organizational Ethics Certificate

This graduate certificate in organizational ethics focuses on the corporate responsibility, compliance, and federal regulations. The primary audience for this new program is federal employees and contractors.
Champion: Wendy Martino

Sustainability Leadership Certificate

This idea develops a program that will benefit individuals pursuing a career as an manager or officer working in the field of sustainability.
Champion: Meghan Chapple-Brown

Extended Unpaid Leave

GW employees are given the opportunity to take voluntary unpaid leave during low activity periods when business operations allow. 
Champion: TBD

Call for Ideas

GW faculty, staff, alumni, and students, share an innovative idea that will help us reach our goal.