Phase III

Phase III occured in November 2011 from which six new initiatives have emerged.

Migration to the Cloud

GW seeks to make the storage and communication of information more efficient by implementing a robust cloud system.
Champion: Dave Steinour

GW Consultants

There is tremendous opportunity for cost-savings by utilizing internal expertise to improve the operations here at GW.
Champion: Ed Cherian & Lynsay Belshe

Housing Optimization

This initiative aims to enhance student life and maximize the use of our residence halls.
Champion: Peter Konwerski

CRM Program

The Customer Relationship Management Program idea aims to centralize and streamline the information-seeking process
Champion: Dave Lawlor

Facilities Utilization

This initiative encourages the full usage of GW facilities to both internal and external clients, especially during traditionally low-activity periods.
Champion: Michael Peller

Paperless Strategy

The Paperless Strategy is an institutional initiative that aims to reduce overall paper usage and minimize purchase of paper-related products.
Champion: Donna Ginter

Call for Ideas

GW faculty, staff, alumni, and students, share an innovative idea that will help us reach our goal.