Phase I

Phase I launched the Innovation Task Force in November 2010. Participants came together during the very first ITF Showcase to evaluate ideas and came up with six initiatives.

Strategic Sourcing

The creation of a strategic sourcing program called iBuy has helped GW save millions of dollars by consolidating the procurement process
Champion: Dave Lawlor

International Study Abroad

GW has enhanced study abroad opportunities for its students, advancing our priority to develop a global perspective.
Champion: Donna Scarboro


GW has allowed employees and even students telecommuting opportunities to improve work-life balance and optimize the use of limited space on the Foggy Bottom campus.
Champion: Mary Wallace

Internal Temp Agency

The GW Temp Agency reduces costs associated with hiring temporary services through third parties and improves the quality of work provided by temporary agents. 
Champion: Tanya Bell

Leased Space Reduction

Significant gains can be realized by reducing the amount of space GW leases from third parties.
Champion: Alicia Knight

Hybrid Courses

This initiative creates a number of hybridized courses which combine traditional on-campus class meetings and online learning activities into a single course.
Champion: Steve Ehrmann

Call for Ideas

GW faculty, staff, alumni, and students, share an innovative idea that will help us reach our goal.