GW Summer Startup Accelerator (NEW)

Each venture in the GW Summer Startup Accelerator is assigned an industry-specific mentor who works with them throughout the nine weeks of the program. GWSSA Mentors meet with their team at least four hours per week. The GWSSA mentors:

  • Work closely with their venture to help them achieve a "fundable" business model and a compelling investor pitch.
  • Provide clear, unvarnished feedback and advice to the venture team.
  • Provide market and technical insight.
  • Are an industry connector for the venture team - connecting them to other people who have the insight the venture needs.
  • Help the venture craft credible pro forma financials.
  • Provide insights to the thinking of investors.
  • Bring in subject matter experts as needed to coach the venture team.
  • Help the venture with team dynamics and act as unbiased referee.

The mentors for the 2020 GW Summer Startup Accelerator were:

Mentor Title & Company Venture
David Hitchcock Managing Partner, Watershed Strategy, LLC Bladeswork Unlimited
Sebastian Fainbraun Managing Partner, eHealth Ventures Cognitive Gym
Sean Sutherland Director of Accounts, Kapowza Culture Media
Chris Gardner Executive Director, The Hermitage Northern Virginia Early Intervention Systems
Cary Toor Founder and Principal, T-Ventures Corporation ecomadic
Laura G. Clark Founder, Wylie Wagg Fido's Fit
Jeff Cummings Account Executive, SAP SuccessFactors HotMaps
Gary Grenter Management Consultant, Alpha-Flow Management Consulting Ichosia Biotechnology
Jan Rosenberg CEO, Datatility kitlock
David Powell ICAP Senior Business Counselor, George Mason University Mesean Spices
Brian Compagnone Investor, TrackStreet Rise Nutrition
Four Hewes Principal Consultant, Four Hewes Design Songwriter's Dream
Mark Kates Founder, Fenway Recordings Songwriter's Dream