Members of the I&E Leadership Council

Members of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leadership Council

Name Email Address School Department
Lorien Abroms [email protected] Milken Prevention and Community Health
Herman Aguinis [email protected] GWSB Management
Shahrok Ahmadi [email protected] SEAS Electrical & Computer Engineering
Syed Ali [email protected] ESIA International Development
Hannah Arem [email protected] Milken Epidemiology
Lorena Barba [email protected] SEAS Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Melissa Batchelor [email protected] SoN Community of Policy, Population, and Systems
Bill Briscoe [email protected] CCAS Physics
Elias Carayannis [email protected] GWSB Information Systems & Technology Management
Meghan Chapple [email protected] CCAS (SMPP) Office of Sustainability
Jim Chung [email protected] OIE  
Amy Cohen [email protected] CCEPS Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service
Jennifer Cooke [email protected] ESIA Institute of African Studies
Lisa Deply Neirotti [email protected] GWSB Management
Denny Dennis [email protected] GWSB  
Lawrence Deyton [email protected] SMHS Medicine
Mona Diab [email protected] SEAS Computer Science
Richard Donnelly [email protected] GWSB Information Systems & Technology Management
Rick Ducey [email protected] SMPA  
Igor Efimov [email protected] SEAS BME
Ayman El Tarabishy [email protected] GWSB Management
Kofi Essel [email protected] SMHS Pediatrics
Dedra Faine [email protected] GWSB Management
Kathy Korman Frey [email protected] GWSB Management
Max Gelber [email protected] Sustainable GW Sustainability
Shirley Graham [email protected] ESIA Gender Equality Initiative
Carl Gudenius [email protected] CCAS Production Design, Special Assistant for Productions & Performances
Sylvian Guiriec [email protected] CCAS Physics
Yolandra Hancock [email protected] Milken Prevention and Community Health
Tim Harlan [email protected] SMHS Culinary Medicine
Anna Helm [email protected] GWSB International Business
Lorens Helmchen [email protected] Milken Health Policy and Management
Kristian Henderson [email protected] Milken Health Policy and Management
Geneva Henry [email protected] L&IA Leadership
James Huckenpahler [email protected] CCAS (Corcoran)  
Jasmine Johnson [email protected] CCAS Public Policy and Public Administration
Neil Johnson [email protected] CCAS Physics
Susan Jones [email protected] GW LAW Small Business & Community Economic Development Clinic
Dmitry Karshtedt [email protected] GW LAW  
Michelle Kelso [email protected] CCAS Sociology
F. Scott Kieff [email protected] GW LAW C-LEAF
Annamaria Konya-Tannon [email protected] SEAS  
Can Korman [email protected] SEAS Electrical & Computer Engineering
Russell Korte [email protected] GSEHD Human and Organizational Learning
Rodney Lake [email protected] GWSB Finance
Saniya LeBlanc [email protected] SEAS Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Samuel Ledermann [email protected] ESIA International Affairs
J.R. Lee [email protected] CCAS (Corcoran) Interaction Design 
Stuart Levy [email protected] GWSB Management
Kate Maliarakis [email protected] SoN Community of Policy, Populations and Systems
Jeffrey Manns [email protected] GW LAW  
Dave McCarthy [email protected] OIE  
Sabrina McCormick [email protected] Milken Environmental and Occupational Health
Andrew Meltzer [email protected] SMHS Emergency Medicine
Gene Migliaccio [email protected] Milken Applied Public Health
Leo Moersen [email protected] GWSB Accountancy
Claire Monteleoni [email protected] SEAS Computer Science
Carmen Montoya [email protected] CCAS (Corcoran) Interaction Design
Baghi Narahari [email protected] SEAS Computer Science
Jeremy Pam [email protected] GW LAW Business and Finance Law
Kevin Patton [email protected] CCAS (Corcoran) Interaction Design
Christine Pintz [email protected] SoN Community of Policy, Populations and Systems
Davide Prete [email protected] CCAS (Corcoran) Metalsmithing, Sculpture, New Technologies, Studio Arts
Wayne Psek [email protected] Milken Health Policy Management
Liesel Riddle [email protected] GWSB International Business
Morenike Saula [email protected] GW LAW Law and Business, Financi, and Entreprenneurship Law
Tara Scully [email protected] CCAS (Biology) Biology
Ankoor Shah [email protected] SMHS Pediatrics
James Sham [email protected] CCAS (Corcoran) Innovation Arts, Studio Arts
Jonathan Sherman [email protected] SMHS Neurological Surgery
Dayo Shittu [email protected] SEAS Engineering Management and Systems Engineering
Neal Sikka [email protected] SMHS Emergency Medicine
Bob Smith [email protected] OIE  
George Solomon [email protected] GWSB Management
Volker Sorger [email protected] SEAS Electrical & Computer Engineering
Scott Stein [email protected] OIE  
Susan Sterner [email protected] CCAS (Corcoran)  New Media, Photojournalism, Studio Arts
Pierre Vigilance [email protected] Milken Office of the Dean / Health Policy Management
Erica Walls [email protected] CCAS Human Services and Social Justice
Neil Wasserman [email protected] SEAS Computer Science
Ryan Watkins [email protected] GSEHD Educational Leadership
John Whealan [email protected] GW Law Intellectual Property Law
Erica Wortham [email protected] SEAS  
Jason Zara [email protected] SEAS BME
Ellen Zavian [email protected] GWSB Management