Meet our Entrepreneurial Fellows

The GW Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurial Fellows work to facilitate an exceptional student experience for all GW innovators university-wide. Each year a new cohort is selected to assist with a wide variety of entrepreneurship and innovative-focused programs. The Entrepreneurial Fellows Program is comprised of a group of undergraduate students and graduate students from all 10 schools here at GW. Our Fellows come from various backgrounds and are all knowledgeable about the entrepreneurial ecosystem here at GW. They act as ambassadors of the office and can serve as a resource for all students, faculty, and staff on campus.

If you see them around campus -- say hi! 


Danielle Duran

Danielle Duran

2nd Year Masters | Class of 2019
Elliott School of International Affairs | Major: International Policy and Practice (Concentration in Technology & Energy)

Right now I am working in a professional organization along with an advisory board that would serve to provide information on decarbonization efforts to the general public. Also, I have started a student organization for people interested studying Smart Cities/Communities. I always have a lot of ideas, but testing them and finding customers, as well as finding partners, is what is necessary to realize them. I am glad to have support and the opportunity to work with the people at OIE.

Greg Exum

Greg Exum

Sophomore | Class of 2021
School of Business & Corcoran School of the Arts & Design | Major: Business Administration & Music

My main innovative aspiration is to create a business centered around art. Whether it is music, paintings, comedy, sculpting, etc. I feel all of these things can be thought of as art. I plan on running this business, but instead of having employees, I want to have partners. I decided partners may be the way to go because it is more of a collaborative title.

Asia Jones

Asia Jones

Junior | Class of 2020
Milken Institute School of Public Health | Major: Public Health (Minor in Sustainability)

Outside of my dream to become an epidemiologist, I have a dream of becoming a social entrepreneur. My goal is to create a form of programming geared towards benefiting children of incarcerated parents. While I am unsure on how I will make this impact, I know that it is part of my plan for the future.

Jared Square

Jared Kern

Junior | Class of 2020
School of Engineering and Applied Science | Major: Mechanical Engineering

Jared Kern is a junior mechanical engineering student at the School of Engineering and Applied Science. Throughout his academic career, Jared has explored the nuances of sustainable healthcare practices by researching and exploring complex biomechanical systems. He aspires to use his experiences and technical skills to provide long-term, effective solutions to underdeveloped communities. Jared plans to continue his focus on the intersectionality of strong business practices and innovative engineering in order to better the biomedical industry as a whole.

Xun Square

Xun Li

Junior | Class of 2020
School of Media & Public Affairs | Major: Political Communication (Minor in Business Administration) 

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." Being an Entrepreneurial Fellow in the GW Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, I am prepared and fortunate to be the peer who will accompany you on your way to the future you want with all of my passion. As an international student coming from China, I am here particularly dedicated to helping with future global entrepreneurs find resources and courage.

Meilin Lyu

Meilin (Amber) Lyu

Senior | Class of 2019
Elliott School of International Affairs | Major: International Affairs (Concentration: International Economics, Minor: Business Administration & Fine Arts)

As a global volunteer and an international student who has studied in the US for over 7 years, Meilin fully appreciates the sparks that different cultures and business models can bring. She always hopes to be a global entrepreneur, who is able to find certain needs of the bilateral trade and helps to solve social issues at the same time.

Ryan Square

Ryan McFerran

2nd Year Masters | Class of 2019
Elliott School of International Affairs | Major: International Development Studies

Ryan is passionate about elevating the role of social entrepreneurs in the field of international development. As practitioner, he has witnessed first-hand how donor-centric funding can significantly limit the impact of NGOs and other social ventures. He plans to use his time as a Fellow to better understand how development workers can better utilize social enterprises to diversity the current funding landscape and effect more positive change.