Junaid Shams, CEO & Co-Founder, Rooam

Junaid Shams
CEO & Co-Founder 


Junaid Shams is the co-founder and CEO at Rooam. In this role, Junaid spearheads the company’s overall operation by orchestrating and overseeing strategic partnerships, product development, visual design and business development efforts.

Prior to Rooam, Junaid co-founded a telecom e-commerce company in 2010 with a vision to promote and encourage the U.S. wireless industry to shift away from signing customers into binding contracts. He successfully grew the company to one of the largest smart phone providers in the market with $100 million in sales. A serial entrepreneur, Junaid has received numerous national recognitions, including Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s “Top 25 entrepreneurs under 25” and Under30CEO’s “Top 30 Most Influential Entrepreneurs under 30.”



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