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Jan Rosenberg

Mentor in Residence / Vice President: Datatility


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A lifelong entrepreneur, I have been a founder of successful businesses in diverse areas ranging from mechanical contracting (HVAC), financial services, and government contracting, to cloud technology, networking and storage. I believe that there are fundamental building blocks in any business that must be in place to provide the foundation for profitable growth, rapid expansion, and ongoing success. 

I am looking to mentor with entrepreneurs who have a strong vision and limitless goals for their product or service. Entrepreneurs that are keenly aware of their strengths and not afraid to address their weaknesses. Those willing to take advice or push back strongly if they disagree. Those that start out as engineers and become businessmen or woman; and vice versa. And especially those that realize entrepreneurship is for those special few that are risk takers with perseverance, focus, and a strong belief in their mission.

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