ITF Dollars at Work

Investment Initiatives

By the end of FY14 a cumulative total of $27M has been invested in faculty, research, and academic programs and support. 

63 members of the university community have benefitted from ITF funding and investments


ITF funds support faculty members in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences. These funds have helped to hire world-class faculty and to support their research. These investments go a long way in expanding research opportunities for faculty and for improving the educational experience for students.

Research & Support 

ITF funds are also invested in support of research project start-ups. The funds have been allocated toward hiring staff and faculty to support research institutes including the Global Women's Institute and the Computational Biology Institute. Multiple schools have already benefitted from these research investments and we will continue to invest in research start up and faculty research across all of the schools.

Academic Programs & Spport 

Academic Programs have improved and grown with the help of the ITF investments. ITF dollars have resulted in the expansion of advising programs in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences and the Elliott School of International Affairs. Graduate teaching assistants have and the graduate program in government contracting have also been supported with the help of these funds.

Call for Ideas

GW faculty, staff, alumni, and students, share an innovative idea that will help us reach our goal.