Introduction to I-Corps Course

I-Corps Presenter
I-Corps Presenter

This workshop introduces participants to the key concepts and methodologies used in I-Corps.  It is free and is offered several times a year at GW.

All early-stage technology innovators and entrepreneurs from the region are encouraged to apply.

STEM-based GW teams are eligible for $3,000 grants for customer discovery through the GW I-Corps Site program.

Graduates of this short course are eligible to apply to NSF’s full National seven-week I-Corps Program in which participants receive $50,000 grants.

I-Corps is a cohort-based experience and participants work together and learn from each other as well as from their customers, partners, and other key stakeholders.  There is extensive work done outside the classroom.  In addition to the in-person classes, participants should expect to spend another 10-15 hours per week on customer discovery and course assignments.

The program is designed to generate a maximum impact over a relatively short duration, and should be considered a required first step for anyone interested in commercializing a technology or product, whether through a startup or licensing arrangement.