Summer Startup Accelerator Application


GW Summer Startup Accelerator (NEW)

Applications should be submitted by one individual on behalf of the team. Information for all participants must be provided.

The application asks for information about the venture, the team, target customers and value propositions, competitors and progress to date. Participants are also required to provide contact information for one or two advisors who can speak to the venture's progress to date.

GWSSA Program staff may follow-up for additional information, and finalist teams will be invited for an in-person interview.

Every applicant is provided with feedback on their application.

We are now accepting applications on a rolling basis for the 2021 SSA cohort.

10. How many members of your team (including yourself) would participate in the GW SSA program from June 1 through July 30, 2021? *
11. Team Leader Information
11.5 Gender *
11.6 Race/Ethnicity *
11.7 GW Affiliated *
11.8 Academic Status *
11.9 GW School/College *
11.10 Graduation Date *
11.11 International Student *
12. Additional Participant 1 Information
12.5 Gender
12.6 Race/Ethnicity
12.7 GW Affiliated
12.8 Academic Status
12.9 GW School/College
12.10 Graduation Date
12.11 International Student
13. Additional Participant 2 Information
13.5 Gender
13.6 Race/Ethnicity
13.7 GW Affiliated
13.8 Academic Status
13.9 GW School/College
13.10 Graduation Date
13.11 International Student
14. Additional Participant 3 Information
14.5 Gender
14.6 Race/Ethnicity
14.7 GW Affiliated
14.8 Academic Status
14.9 GW School/College
14.10 Graduation Date
14.11 International Student
19. The GW Summer Startup Accelerator program requires that all the participating team members engage to work at least 40 hours per week in the program for the entire nine-week duration. Do you and all your team’s participants agree to this requirement? *