GW Lean Startup Faculty Development Program

Faculty Development Program

Program Overview

Lean startup programs like I-Corps are creating vibrant ecosystems of innovation on their campuses and in their communities.  These programs are stimulating tech startup success stories, and transforming the culture among researchers towards solving real problems in the real world.

Teaching Lean Startup courses requires a unique skill set.  These program were developed by entrepreneurs, and are taught by entrepreneurs.  But not all entrepreneurs are suited to become lean startup instructors.

This program trains prospective instructors in teaching business model generation and customer discovery to researchers and entrepreneurs.  This intense, experiential bootcamp follows participants through the two-week NSF I-Corps Regional Qualifying Course curriculum that was pioneered by the DC I-Corps Node on behalf of NSF’s National Innovation Network and is now used throughout the network by NSF-funded Nodes and Sites.

Faculty trainees who complete the program will be well positioned to lead and teach evidence-based entrepreneurship to researchers, to impact the culture of innovation in their region, and to increase the chances of success for participating inventors and entrepreneurs.