Fed Tech

Fed Tech provides graduate-level business and engineering students with a hands-on experience in building successful businesses that commercialize cutting-edge technologies from federal labs like NASA and the Naval Research Laboratory. Under the supervision of experienced entrepreneurs, students use Lean Startup business development methodologies to explore the commercial viability of their technologies. The program includes practical experience in entrepreneurship, technology transfer and market research. Promising businesses have the opportunity to license the technology they worked with and enter the DC I-Corps Accelerator program to continue to build their startup.

The Fed Tech program is administered through DC I-Corps, a program that prepares scientists and engineers to extend their focus beyond the laboratory through instruction in the entrepreneurial process.

A unique, hands-on learning experience combines:

  • Lean Startup business development process taught in I-Corps
  • Interdisciplinary teams of graduate business and engineering students
  • Cutting-Edge technologies from top research facilities
  • Technology transfer and commercialization process
  • Access to inventors, entrepreneur mentors and their networks
  • Follow-On opportunities through NVC and GW affiliated accelerator

For qualified students ready to do the work, including a substantial amount of work in the field, this is an ideal chance to put all you’ve learned at GW to work.

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If you interested in paricipating, please contact:

Bob Smith
Fed Tech I-Corps Program
Email: bob.bobsmith@gmail.com
Tel: 540-729-0131 (C)
Skype: bobsmithajh

Participating Federal Laborotories: