Dolphin Tank™ at GW

Dolphin Tank

Join us for all of the upcoming Dolphin Tank™ - pitch-practice events! 

"We Swim Alongside You" is the motto of Springboard Enterprises, a resident organization on the GW Mount Vernon campus and a premier platform for helping women-led businesses.

Based on a similar premise as the popular ABC show The Shark Tank, the Dolphin Tank™ allows GW constituents to pitch their entrepreneurial and innovative ideas to a panel of friendly and 'seasoned' industry experts and entrepreneurs. Within the short time it takes for each pitch to be completed, the panel offers constructive feedback and helps pre-selected presenters make edits to their messages.

It is a very supportive and eye-opening experience which prepares aspiring entrepreneurs to conquer the real world of entrepreneurship.

How it works:

  • Presenter gives a two-three minute pitch;
  • A panel of 'seasoned entrepreneurs'  shares what they liked about the idea;
  • Presenter receives additional feedback about what they might want to think about, things to consider;
  • The audience weighs in with any questions or suggestions;
  • Presenter earns their Dolphin pin (plus a connection or two, or three), and are also able give their feedback to the next person who pitches.