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Student meeting with Randy Graves, GWERT Mentor
Student meeting with Randy Graves, GWERT Mentor

Aspiring entrepreneurs need mentors.  Surveys taken by the New Venture Competition semi-finalist teams consistently indicate that mentors provide the most valuable input they receive from any outside source. 

In 2017, the GW Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship launched a new platform, the GW Innovation Exchange.  This platform is a campus-wide effort to connect GW student and faculty entrepreneurs with mentors and advisors, who can accelerate their growth and development. 

It is easy to use, and as a mentor you can specify exactly what kind and how much mentoring you are willing to do.  You can designate yourself as a “flash mentor,” meaning that you are available for short-duration calls on a specific topic or you can be an “on-going mentor,” someone who is interested in a longer-term relationship with a GW startup.  Indicate on the GW Innovation Exchange what areas you want to advice on and how much time you are willing to devote to the community.

To access the platform, you must first create a profile.  You can do that here.  You only need to create your profile once, but you can update it as often as you like.

Once you have created your profile, you will become searchable by GW mentees who are looking for help.  You will receive email messages from them, asking for help, and you can connect with them easily via video, phone, email or face-to-face using the platform.

Mentors please join us once again as we harness the power of this new online platform to make mentorship at GW more effective, efficient and fun!


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