AccelerateDC and I-Corps Go Eligibility

DC I-Corps Go Program

Who should apply for the AccelerateDC Program and Grant

The AccelerateDC program is currently recruiting research teams that are in the early stages of commercialization. This includes all industries and sectors.  

Selection Criteria:

  • Team Commitment – Teams must be willing to commit to the year-long program that culminates with an NSF SBIR Phase 1 Application in December 2018.
  • Team Strength – The technical lead and the entrepreneurial lead must have strong technical backgrounds.  The goal of this program is to develop entrepreneurial capabilities to supplement technical skills.
  • Technology Reward/Risk Profile – We are looking for bold concepts that carry with them significant product development risk as technologies transition from laboratory research to product development.
  • Commercialization Potential – The committee is looking for a thoughtful, and plausible, explanation of how your technology might be turned into a saleable product. Much of the program is dedicated to testing your hypotheses about commercialization. However, strong applicants will have basic ideas about what a product would look like, who would buy it, and who their competitors would be.

Other Eligibility Requirements:

  • US companies only.
  • Pre-Series A Funding.
  • No prior SBIR awards for the proposed technology.



Note: Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.