ITF Dollars at Work


Innovation Task Force Awards Scholarship to Two Students

Two students will receive $50,000 scholarships in the George Washington University’s first Innovation Task Force scholarship competition.

Alex Schneider, a second-year Law School student, and Joe Holleran, a junior in the School of Business, were announced as the winners of the ITF scholarship contest Monday. The two students, who established business plans and went through three rounds of review—including presentations before a panel of judges in late March—will each receive a $50,000 scholarship and have their ideas implemented by the university.

Winning idea could lead to full ride

Students could win a year's worth of free tuition if they pitch a plan that saves or pulls in $1 million for the University annually.

Giving Back to Military and Veterans

Innovation Task Force initiatives focus on military personnel and veterans.

Innovation Task Force To Implement Six New Initiatives

A post-baccalaureate pre-health professional certificate, groundbreaking new online degree programs, winter enrichment offerings and an international gap year are among six new initiatives selected

ITF Highlights Top Ideas

GW community members gathered in the Marvin Center Tuesday afternoon to weigh in on the latest round of top-ranked proposals generated by the university’s Innovation Task Force.


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The Goal

President Knapp has laid out an ambitious but achievable goal to increase GW's investment in academic learning, research, and the student experience by $60 million. The plan is to build up to that $60 million level by 2015. This funding will come from three components: raising new funds from philanthropic sources; increasing the productivity of our research and instructional programs; and finding savings in our business processes. In other words, we will increase the rate of fundraising and the efficiency and productivity of our programs until, at the end of five years, we have reached the level of an additional $60 million (i.e., from that point onward) to invest in our priorities.Placeholder text

The Charge

The Innovation Task Force has been charged with soliciting feedback from the George Washington Community about our strengths as an institution and how we can change our academic and business operations to be even better. The Task Force will seek out, evaluate and highlight creative ideas, focusing on three key criteria:  

  • Effectiveness – will the idea ensure that a service or function is enhanced to better meet our university goals and objectives?
  • Efficiency – will the proposal help us better organize, manage and utilize our resources?
  • Innovation – will the suggestion help us operate in a truly new way?

The Innovation Fund

Funds identified for the $60 million goal will be banked for reinvestment in prioritized academic activities and programs. Progress toward this goal will be reported regularly by the Innovation Task Force as these innovations are identified and carried out. In addition, the Innovation Task Force will present to the President at the end of this academic year a list of proposals for enactment that will lead to significant changes to both academic and business operations. The Task Force will also recommend opportunities for academic investment based on feedback from the GW community.


The Innovation Task Force (ITF) calls upon students, faculty & staff  to come up with innovative ideas that will reduce net costs or generate new, net revenues of $1 million or more annually fo

ITF Dollars at Work

Call for Ideas

GW faculty, staff, alumni, and students, share an innovative idea that will help us reach our goal.