2020 GWSSA Ventures

GW Summer Startup Accelerator


The ventures participating in the 2020 GWSSA Cohort are:

Logo Venture Description


blade logo

BladesWork Unlimited A dedicated marketplace in the custom cutlery niche and unique experience for bladesmiths to showcase their work to expanded customer base. Team: Robert Plante (GWSB MBA '21), Christian Helms, Abilene Helms
Cognitive Gym Cognitive Gym An engaging online curriculum specifically designed to help adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder meet employment and other goals. Team: Katherine Hurley (GSEHD PhD '23)
culture media logo Culture Media A creative agency that works with social impact organizations to help them connect with younger audiences. Team: Ashwath Narayanan (SMPA BA '22), Liam Gallagher (GWSB BA '22)
early int Early Intervention Systems A healthcare startup that has devised a software system that can predict when a patient will become agitated. Team: Krishan Shah (GWSB BA '20), Nathalya Ramirez (CCAS BS '19), Rohan Patil (CCAS BS '19)
ecomadic logo ecomadic A bookings and reviews platform that connects sustainably-minded travelers with responsible businesses. Team: Jaclyn Yost (GWSB MTA '21), Meagan McRoberts, Alexandra Sobin, Anneliese Rinaldi 
Logo Fido's Fit Specifies what different sizes actally mean for dog owners by creating a data standard to effecttively measure any dog.  Team: Thomas Regnante (GWSB BA '21), Charles Regnante
hot maps logo HotMaps A map-based data analysis software that revolutionizes hospitality market analysis by combining big data with actionable intelligence methodologies. Team: Gilad Kabilow (GWSB MA '20), Matan Wilchek
ichosia logo Ichosia Biotechnology Developing a scalable method of mass-producing an enhanced red blood cell product through novel genetic engineering techniques. Team: Lucas Vining (CCAS BS '22), Sebastian Ortiz (CCAS BS '22)
kitlock kitlok Utilizes the sharing-economy concept by connecting customers to "stores" who use their homes/apartments to fulfill storage needs. Team Lead: Ori Telretski (GWSB/CCAS '21), Prashant Purie
meson Mesean Spices Brings Afro-Caribbean inspired flavors to kitchens across the $4 billion US consumer spice market through unique spice blends. Team: Dominique Tolbert (Global MBA '21)

Rise Logo

Rise Nutrition A social enterprise that uses a nutrition analysis platform to discover and address nutrition deficiencies among high-stress populations. Team: Jesse Papirio (MPH '20), Kristan Papirio
SWD Logo Songwriter's Dream Provides the building blocks to create your own music and help consolidate the music writing process. Team: Jacy Case (CCAS BA '22), Collin Cadet (CCAS BA '21), Rumi Robbinson (CCAS BA '21)



If you have any questions, contact:
Dave McCarthy
Associate Director, I-Corps / GWSSA
George Washington University