2019 GW Summer Startup Accelerator (GWSSA)

GW Summer Startup Accelerator

What It Is

The GW Summer Startup Accelerator (GWSSA) is the accelerator for top student startups at the George Washington University. GWSSA is a capstone entrepreneurship experience for GW’s most ambitious student startups.  This intensive, 9-week, residential summer program is intended for a select group of student entrepreneurs who want to go “All In” to launch their companies. The program is designed to provide these students with the knowledge, funding, mentorship, peer support, and resources necessary to become “fundable” business ventures.

The accelerator’s most important benefit is to provide student entrepreneurs with the opportunity to spend nine weeks working full time with a cohort of other student entrepreneurs. Participating students will receive free housing on campus and a living allowance for the duration of the program.  


The GWSSA’s curriculum is an intensive set of workshops and activities that help teams fill in any holes in their business model, financial projections, product development plan, and go-to-market strategy. The end product is a rock-solid pitch document backed up by vetted details that enable startups to make credible pitches to prospective investors. 

The student entrepreneurs will be helped to connect to the right advisors, partners, coaches, and funders through networking events and a database of hundreds of supporters in the GW entrepreneurial ecosystem.  At the end of the GWSSA, the teams will pitch their ventures to scores of angel investors and early-stage venture capitalists (VCs). 

The GWSSA is designed to accelerate highly promising ventures, transforming them from GW student teams to startup ventures that are fundable and can make credible pitches to angel investors or VCs. Other aspirational goals for the program are to launch companies, launch products, get companies to revenue and prepare companies to get to scale.

In 2019, the GWSSA will accept eight ventures.



If you have any questions, contact:
Lex McCusker
Director, Student Entrepreneurship Programs
George Washington University