2020 GW Summer Startup Accelerator (GWSSA)

The Type of Ventures We Are Looking For

The Type of Ventures

We’re looking for exceptional venture teams with the commitment and skills to solve an important problem for society. Ventures can be commercial or social impact; for-profit or not-for-profit.  We insist that the venture teams commit to the program for the nine weeks and fully commit to launching their venture.  We favor teams that have well-defined customer segments and a crisp value proposition for those segments. 

Desirable ventures are those that:

  • have already invested time and energy in understanding their customers and markets;
  • understand the skills they need and have begun building a strong team that has those skills;
  • already have a product or service, already have revenue or have started building a prototype or minimum viable product and;
  • have demonstrated the ability to take advantage of available GW and area resources.

We support all ventures creating tech, social, commercial, or cultural value, and actively seek teams working on medical devices, energy and sustainability solutions, nonprofits, food, and more.

We have a preference for teams who can work full-time on their venture during the nine weeks of the GWSSA.

Finally, teams who are "coachable," that is, teams we judge to be able to take best advantage of the resources provided by the GWSSA, are most likely to be accepted. 



If you have any questions, contact:
Lex McCusker
Director, Student Entrepreneurship Programs
George Washington University