2018 SEAS R&D Showcase

AccelerateGW I-Corps Site Grants

The GW Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship will award up to 30 AccelerateGW I-Corps Site program grants to participants in the SEAS R&D Showcase 2018.

With funding from the National Science Foundation, the AccelerateGW I-Corps Site Program awards grants of up to $3,000 to GW students and faculty who wish to explore the prospects for applications of their research or technology to solve problems that could lead to a broader impact in society. 

Participants in the AccelerateGW I-Corps Site program will be expected to complete the GW Regional Introductory Course which requires that they attend two one-day workshops in person during a two-week period, each one approximately six hours long.  In these workshops participants will learn and practice the concepts of the Lean Startup approach to entrepreneurship, including constructing business models, evidence based entrepreneurship and customer development.  In between the class sessions, there will be some assignments, customer discovery interviews, and office hours with instructors.  These activities generally take about 10 hours per week.

The grant money can be used for travel and related expenses to conduct customer interviews. It can also be used for some limited development of prototypes or a minimum viable product.

Participants in the SEAS R&D Showcase 2018 can nominate themselves for an AccelerateGW I-Corps Grant as part of the R&D Showcase Abstract Submission Form.

They can also apply directly to the AccelerateGW I-Corps program here.

Additional advice and guidance is available from the GW Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship to participants who want to apply for one of these grants.

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