2017 Research Days Innovation & Entrepreneurship Prize

GW Research Days

2017 GW Research Days
April 4-5, 2017

Winners List for the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Prize


GW Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Prize:

  • Scott Downen - Robot Therapist for Assisting in At-Home Rehabilitation of Shoulder Surgery Patients
  • Jacob Heltzel - Glycerol Transfer Hydrogenation of CO2 using NHC Ir and Ru Organometallics Immobilized on Hydrotalcites
  • Hifza Javed - A Robotic Framework to Overcome Sensory Overload in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Pilot Study
  • Aleksandra Klimas - Automated High-Throughput All-Optical Dynamic Cardiac Electrophysiology for Drug Testing and Disease Modeling Using hiPSC-CMs
  • Hani Nejadriahi - Integrated All Optical Fast Fourier Transform (OFFT) On Chip with Heating Tunability- Design and Simulation Analysis
  • Jenna Osborn and Mitra Aliabouzar - Effects of Ultrasound in Presence of Microbubbles for Cartilage and Bone Tissue Regeneration in 3D Printed Scaffolds

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