2017 Innovation & Entrepreneurship Prize Winners

SEAS R&D Showcase

Agile Trailblazer Award:

  • Connor Roberts -- Internet of Things Device for a Safer, More Efficient Medical Asset Management System

GW Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Prize:

  • Scott Barnes -- Predictive Collaborative Manufacturing Robotics
  • Evan Kaufman -- Robotic Vacuuming Software Tool with Autonomous Exploration via Exact Occupancy Grid Mapping
  • Alina Kline-Schoder -- Ultrsound-Enhanced Drug Delivery for Treatment of Onychomycosis
  • Ivan Suarez Castellanos -- SonoInsulin: An Ultrasound Based Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes
  • Shuai Sun -- Hybrid Photonic Plasmonic Interconnects (HyPPI)
  • Zhehan Yi -- A Centralized Power Management System (PMS) for Grid-Connected Photovoltaic-Battery Distributed Generation Systems

For more information about the SEAS R&D Showcase, see here.